Which Sorority Girl Are You?
Which Sorority Girl Are You?
Do you dream of someday going Greek in a big sorority house with all your besties? Watch out for Shelley! In The House Bunny, Shelley (Anna Faris), shakes up the Zetas, transforming a bunch of quirky girls on the verge of losing their house into smart, strong mega-hotties. She showed Natalie (Emma Stone), Harmony (Katharine McPhee) and Joanne (Rumer Willis) how to have fun and become their true selves. So if you pledged Zeta, which sorority girl would you be? Take the quiz!

Check out The House Bunny, in theaters August 22!

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1. If you were on the executive board in the sorority house, your position would be:

2. Your perfect Friday night consists of: