What's Your Vegas Alter-Ego?
What's Your Vegas Alter-Ego?
Before you show up in your stretch to stay at the poshest Las Vegas resorts and hang by the pool, you need to have your alias intact. You're no longer be knows as Susie Q from Chicago, you'll be Missy Von Arsdale, the heir to the Oreo cookie fortune. Well, at least if you're one of MIT's elite. The crew from the new movie 21 took on new identities to take Las Vegas casinos in a card-counting scam, and now it's time to find out which character from the film you'd most match! Take the quiz to find out which alter-ego you'd adopt in Sin City.

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1. Confession time. Have you ever cheated on a test?

2. Your crush is hanging out with everyone at this skate park late night, but your mom says n-o. What will you do?