Is He Hiding Something?
Is He Hiding Something?
Guys keep secrets and there are some that we can totally handle: he's color-blind...he changed his name from Leslie to Chuck when he was 11...he still sleeps with his blankie named Fuzzy...he's a werewolf? OK, so some things are a little more tricky to get used to. But if you're like Julia in the New ABC Family Original Movie Nature of the Beast, you'll get over it quick and help your fiancÚ find the cure. We're pretty sure your crush isn't secretly howling at the moon, but he might be holding something back. Find out if you've got anything to worry about.

Tune-in to the premiere of the New ABC Family Original Movie, Nature of the Beast, Sunday, Oct. 21 at 8/7c, only on ABC Family.

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1. You brought your crush over for dinner with your parents last week, and now you want to meet his. He says...

2. The end of your date is interrupted by a call on your crush's cell. How does he handle?