Are you a Blabbermouth?
Are you a Blabbermouth?
What do you do if your mom comes home with another crazy, annoying boyfriend? If you're Tasha, from the new graphic novel Confessions of a Blabbermouth, you take to your blog, and spill everything. But some of us prefer to keep our big traps shut when it comes to family drama and BFF drama. Where do you fall on the big mouth scale?

Check out the new graphic novel Confessions of a Blabbermouthand see how Tasha deals with her majorly dysfunctional family.

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1. You hear your best friend started a rumor about you, how do you handle?

2. You randomly ran into Zac Efron at this tiny downtown bookstore. He's pretty disguised. He asks you to not tell anyone he's in town (so that fans don't mob him). Do you keep his secret?