What's Your Perfect Age?
What's Your Perfect Age?
Have you ever counted down the days to a big b-day, then realized things didn't get simpler after you blew out the candles? Meet Grace Kwon. She just turned 18, and just when she thought high school life couldn't get more complicated, versions of herself at 6, 29, and 70 show up. Seriously. If you got the chance to meet your other-aged selves, which age do you think you'd like best? Take the quiz!

See what happens to each Grace as they deal with their not-so-simple past and learn to move on to a more hopeful (and boyfriend-including!) future. Check out the latest graphic novel, Good As Lily!

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1. Aw, your friends are nice enough to plan your bday this year. What do you hope they do?

2. The rumor mill is churning. Latest news is that your best guy friend has a major crush on you. Did you know?