How Strong Is Your Ki?
How Strong Is Your Ki?
Ever feel out of balance with the rest of the world? Meet Jen Dik Seong -- or "Dixie" as she's known to her friends. Dixie's a martial arts enthusiast and hapkido black belt, but she's lost her Ki -- the harmonious balance between mind and body that everybody needs to have -- all because of a very distracting crush on a super cute surfer boy. If she doesn't find her Ki again, Dixie will be in danger of losing the national hapkido championship! Want to find out how strong your Ki is? Take the quiz!

Learn more about Dixie in the Minx graphic novel,Re-Gifters!

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1. You plan a girls' night in with your friends for Friday, and everyone's all about it. Out of nowhere, your crush finally asks you out?for Friday night! Ah! What are you going to do?

2. Your BFFs would describe you as having your...