Are You a Rebel For Real?
Are You a Rebel For Real?
Meet Lottie, a super spoiled, rebellious London girl. Her crime: Getting caught with a fake I.D. at an exclusive West End nightclub. The punishment: Spending the summer at her grandparents? stuffy country club without her best friends, techie must-haves, and London nightlife. Would you survive? Find out if your rebellious streak runs deep!

Check out the new graphic novel Clubbing! (In-book added bonus: Lottie's Lexicon, where in we translate British slang to fluent American.)

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1. You're forced to get a summer job and it's nothing glamorous. When asked to put old-school 50 percent off signs around the store, you...

2. Your parents warn you about a huge storm coming. How will you dress your feet for school?