QUIZ: Which Supernatural Guy Is Your Soulmate?

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In a perfect world, we’d be married to Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki. Then again, in a perfect world, their TV alter egos, Dean and Sam Winchester would be real, and we’d be able to marry one of them. They could save us from literally anything. Sure, Sam and Dean might not have a lot of free time to be there for us ~emotionally~, but they’d make the time they aren’t busy count. And we all know it isn’t just Sam and Dean that we all tune into Supernatural for. We’ll never love an angel more than we love Castiel. Not that his brothers and sisters make it that hard, angels are notoriously huge jerks. But if demons are more your thing, you can always spend some time with the King of Hell, Crowley. Take this quiz to find out who your Supernatural soulmate is!

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