QUIZ: How Well Do You Really Know Riverdale?

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Riverdale throws us plot-twist after plot-twist every week — it’s almost hard to keep track of all the crazy shenanigans going on in that small town by Sweetwater River. Town murder mystery? A black hood? A creepy stalker leaving a heart in a student’s locker? A secret brother no one knew about? You’d swear you were watching Pretty Little Liars or a daytime soap.

We’re about ready to explode from all the drama, mystery and nail-biting cliffhangers (that episode where Betty’s step-brother stood over her bed watching her sleep gave us actual chills!). From coming face-to-face with the town killer to anxiously watching Jughead finally become the serpent he was born to be, sometimes some of the smaller details can get lost in all the craziness. How well do you remember the hit CW show? Take the quiz to find out!

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