QUIZ: Which Supergirl Character Are You?

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Supergirl may be all about — you know — Supergirl, but when it comes to Kara Danvers saving National City, it’s far from a solo mission. James, Alex, and Winn have all been there for Kara since day one. But what we love most is the fact that they all share her passion for helping and protecting their fellow citizens.

Their personalities couldn’t be more different, but still, they share the best chemistry and they make an amazing team of crime fighters. So we can’t help but wonder: If we were a part of that team, then which character would we be? Is it the brilliant and tech-savvy Winn? Is it Kara’s headstrong and (sometimes) overprotective sister, Alex? Or could it be the dependable and easygoing James Olsen? Take the quiz to find out which Supergirl character you really are:

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