QUIZ: Which Gossip Girl Character Would Be Your BFF?

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It’s finally winter, which means it’s also Gossip Girl season! What is Gossip Girl season, you ask? The time between Christmas and Valentine’s Day where those who used to obsess over the show in high school can again indulge in the glamorous lives of Manhatten’s elite. A perfect mixture of nostalgia, drama, and lavish lifestyles combined effortlessly into six seasons.  It even made our Best Guilty Pleasure TV Shows list. It’s been a little over five years since the last episode aired, but I still react to each episode like it’s my first time watching (note: it’s not). 

Be real, we’ve all dreamed of hanging with Blair Waldorf on the steps of The Met or partying with Serena van der Woodsen. Who can forget the hormone-filled craze over Chuck Bass in high school or Nate Archbald‘s beautiful eyes?! If it’s your first time or fifth time watching Gossip Girl, this quiz will show you which character would be your ride or die. We already know you made up your mind about who your favorite character is, but might as well take this quiz, just to be sure.

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