QUIZ: Which Disney Villain Are You?

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Growing up, did all of your friends argue over which princess they got to be when playing dress up? While your besties were being basic fighting over who got to be Belle or Ariel, you quickly offered to play the role of Ursula. Sometimes, playing a Disney villain is a lot more fun than playing a princess. I mean, for starters, a villain isn’t the one in mortal peril that always needs to be rescued! Waiting for Prince Charming is so not your thing. Sure, some of the princesses from the ‘90s and more recently don’t need any man to save them.
But there is something that is just more appealing to you about a Disney villain than a princess or heroine. Or maybe you’re just obsessed with both. Hey — whoever said you couldn’t be a fan of both Ariel and Ursula>?!

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