QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember Classic Disney Channel Shows?

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It’s kind of tough to imagine where we’d all be without Disney Channel’s most beloved classics. From That’s So Raven to Even Stevens, these shows practically defined our childhood. They taught us a ton of important life lessons, they introduced us to relatable characters, and most importantly, they addressed relevant topics like bullying, body image, and puberty (like, who can forget that one Lizzie McGuire episode about Miranda and Lizzie wanting to shop for their very first bra? Or the one where Miranda struggled with an eating disorder?). It’s no wonder why most of us shamelessly binge-watch old re-runs to this day.

But how good is your memory when it comes to these classics? Can you remember the most iconic scenes and craziest moments? Can you recall certain little details like the names of alter egos, love interests, and arch enemies? Do you think you know all there is to know about the main characters and their families? Or what about those popular catchphrases? Prove that you’re the ultimate OG Disney Channel fan by taking this quiz:

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