10 Amazing Hacks Perfect for if You Want to Wear Your Hair Down at Prom

Wearing your hair up for prom is a great choice, but some girls just feel more comfortable with their hair down! And despite what some people may tell you, that’s totally okay — keeping your hair free can be super glam, too! Don’t believe us? Consult the following hacks

1. Sometimes a good blow out is all you need!

2. Or, if you’re not so skilled with a blow dryer, you can get the same look using a big curling iron:

3. Spice up a classic half-up-half-down look with a cool knot.

4. You can always try a vintage look…

5. Or, something more bohemian!

6. See?

7. Get volumnious curls with hot rollers.

8. Shock your friends by showing up with blunt bangs — clip ins, that is!

9. Go for old Hollywood glam with soft curls and a bouffant.

10. You can add a sparkly clip to any of the above looks to glam your hair up just a little bit more!

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