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Name: Kathleen
Date Joined: 01/18/2008
Gender: Female
Last Login: 04/01/2009
Music: I love a lot of different genres of music so the list of bands could go on an on lol. just to name a few i'm listening to now : -avenged sevenfold -frou frou -dresden dolls -cocorosie
Movies: i'm a huge movie person. this is just some of my top favs -the air i breathe, four brothers, shooter, the salton sea, the bucket list, dark knight...and so much more lol
TV: ghost whispers, gilmore girls( sadly its over), ER, Bones, criminal minds, the food network :), terminator etc...
Books: L.J. smith series, the night watch, historical books, i like adult fictions...there's just so many books to list
Me in 3 words:
You Say!