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Name: Roneisha
Date Joined: 02/23/2010
Gender: Female
Last Login: 04/27/2010
Music: I listen loads of music.Everything from Mariah Carey to Sheryl Crow to Taylor Swift to Maroon 5 to Paramore and much more.
Movies: I lkove watching movies.To name a few I love:"The Notebook","Pathology","Ghost World","Scary Movie"1,2,3,4,"Bring It On",ect...
TV: I watch The Tyra Show,The Bad Girls Club,CSI,Snapped,In Cold Blood,What I Like About You,That 70's Show,ect...
Books: I love Ellan Hopkin's books and have read "Burn","Impulse",alos a fan of Sarah Dessen:"Lock and Key","Just Listen","That Summer", and love the series of Goergia Nicholson,"Angus,Thongs,and Full Frontal Snogging",I hate it's now a movie :p,ect...
Me in 3 words: moody caring artisitc
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