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Name: kayla
Date Joined: 01/18/2008
Gender: Female
Last Login: 02/06/2008
Music: Dear and the Deadlights, Minus the Bear, Paramore,Built to Spill, All Time Low, Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Meg & Dia, Kate Nash, Hawthorne Heights, Dashboard Confessional, Pearl Jam, Smile Empty Sould, The Used, Boys like Girls.
Movies: Elizabethtown, The Notebook, Transformers =D, Practical Magic, Disturbia, American Pie, A Walk To Remeber.
TV: Dont get to watch much TV, but i like the top twenty countdown on MTV or Vh1, i mean i dont watch it engouh to really know the diff. lol.
Books: this is gonna take a while, =] Eclipse, New Moon, Twilight, A Walk to Remeber, Snow, Midnight Pearls, Beauty Sleep, How To Deal......ALOT more, umm the bible?? lol
Me in 3 words: random, happy, shy.
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