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The 25 Sexiest NSFW American Apparel Ads

March 8, 2014 | 11:41 am

American Apparel stirred up some controversy last week when it released an ad featuring Maks, a Bangladesh-born and Muslim-raised merchandiser for the company who is now living free ‘n’ easy in California as a not-Muslim. Obviously she’s topless, because advertisements featuring nudity, partial nudity, implied nudity, and other sexually suggestive imagery are kind of American Apparel’s thing.

The ad is meant to be a cheeky brag of American Apparel’s labor practices, which don’t rely on sweatshops. (i.e., “The only thing made in Bangladesh is this lady’s tits.”) Though not everybody took the ad in the spirit in which it was intended, HolyTaco’s got no problem with big, beautiful, Bangladeshi boobies being used to sell jeans. So in honor of Maks, here are our 25 favorite nude American Apparel ads. If we’ve left out any of your favorites, shoot us a tweet @holytaco. Enjoy!

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