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Name: Mary
Date Joined: 05/12/2010
Gender: Female
Last Login: 06/08/2010
Music: Really mostly anything.. I do have fav's but again not gonna write it down you'll know cause ill be I LOVE THIS SONG! lol
Movies: I really LOVE alot of movies. I would right them down but this would be soooo long to read and i know most ppl dont care. If you know me you would know cause im always saying I LOVE THIS MOVIE! lol
TV: I love watcing tv... I love Law and Order SVU only... ANTM, Tyra, Wendy Williams, E channel, MTV, VH1 WE, Brovo, Style, Lifetime,ELLEN!! man just alot.. and now of course i watch noggin(my girls)
Books: I guess right now alot of baby and kid books..
Me in 3 words: MOMMY,sexy,kind.
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