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Name: Courtney
Date Joined: 03/04/2008
Gender: Female
Last Login: 08/21/2008
Music: dave matthews band,red hot chili peppers, nina simone, the beatles, pink floyd, john mayer, fall out boy, bob marly, many more i cant think of!!
Movies: Requirm for a dream, Pulp fiction, kill bill(1+2), Juno, Superbad, Pretty much any adam sandler movie, The lost boys, sixteen candles, the breakfast club, Amelie, Donnie Darko, Thr royal tenenbaums and alot more I cant think of!
TV: gilmore girls, law and order(svu is the best),six feet under, the simpsons,family guy, lost, daria, sex and the city
Books: Anything by Jodi Picoult.Running with scissors, Wicked, Son of a witch, The time travelers wife, A million little pieces, My friend leonard, The glass castle, The secret live of bees, the kite runner, Sisterhood of traveling pants series,.
Me in 3 words: Big, Bold, and Beautiful!
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