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Name: Maddi
Date Joined: 01/16/2008
Gender: Female
Last Login: 08/27/2008
Music: Pop, Rock, R&B, Rap, hip hop, and ther stuff
Movies: Juno, The Clique, Meet the Spartans, Scary movie 1-4, Finding nemo, happy feet, chasing liberty, the karate kid, bring it on 1-4, and lots more
TV: house, america's next top model, icarly, true life, real world, the faboulus life, .........
Books: The Clique(all of them), bittersweet 16, summer intern, pretty tough, the ashleys, The book of Luke, Bras and broomsticks series, clay marble, the weirdo, the outsiders, .............
Me in 3 words: happy,fun,love
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