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Name: Kyra
Date Joined: 08/03/2010
Gender: Female
Last Login: 08/17/2010
Music: I like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Demi Lavato,Jonas Brothers,Katy Perry,Pink,Vanessa Hudgens,Miranda Cosgrove,Ke$ha,Lady Gaga,Victoria Justice,ya. I like ALOT of music!
Movies: Ummmmmmmmmm,I guess that`d be The Last Song. The Dad dies.:( :( :(. I cried. I still would!!
TV: I like any thing on Disney, Full House on ABC Family,and reruns of The Brady Bunch,and..... I can`t think of anything else right now.
Books: Huh......Well,I LOVE Zoey Dean`s Talent,Animal Ark books are good,and My Life In Pink And Green is really,REALLY good.
Me in 3 words: Me in three words would probably be this:intelligent,sweet and friendly.
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