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Name: Brittany
Date Joined: 04/02/2008
Gender: Female
Last Login: 01/07/2011
Music: Rascal Flatts, Maroon Five, Paramore, Green Day, Alanis Morissette, Spoon, Something Corporate, Brand New, NIN, Shania Twain many others.
Movies: I love movies to death!!! 300, American Gangster, 30 Days of Night,Stranger than Fiction,Juno, Resident Evil 1-3. MANY others
TV: Lost, Heroes, 24, American Idol, ANTM, House, Monk, Project Runway, Top Chef.
Books: The Cronicals of Narnia series, the Golden Compass series, the Sweep Series. I love books too.
Me in 3 words: Quiet, Intelligent, Observant.
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