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Name: Kaelyn
Date Joined: 01/24/2010
Gender: Female
Last Login: 01/29/2011
Music: All Time Low of course!!! and My Chemical Romance, We The Kings, Owl City, The Maine, Forever The Sickest Kids, Cobra Starship, Disco Curtis, Hey Monday, and pretty much every single Alternative rock band!
Movies: psh, wow thats alot. um. Comedy: YES man Romance: The Notebook (durr) Horror: Stay Alive and One Missed Call Sci-fi: any Harry Potter movie Musical: The Sound of Music (I like old movies) Cheesy: The Clique (only cause im obsessed with the books)
TV: Glee, America's next top model, American Idol, Project Runway, Flapjack, Chowder, and I'm too lazy to name the rest:)
Books: The whole Clique series
Me in 3 words: 1.Shy 2.Crazy 3.Different
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