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Name: Chyan
Date Joined: 06/07/2010
Gender: Female
Last Login: 06/30/2010
Music: Tegan and Sara! <3 Paramore, I love Hayley Williams. Best song to dance to? My First Kiss by Ke$ha and 3!Oh3
Movies: Dear John. Dirty Dancing. The Notebook. Transformers. Making Reservations. Phantom of the Opera. Pride and Prejudice! I love you MR.DARCY!
TV: LOST One Tree Hill Glee Degrassi So you think you can dance
Books: Most books I love. Bit of a dork that way. Right now I'm reading memoirs of a giesha and amm LOVING it.! <3
Me in 3 words: Romantic, Outgoing, Sensitive. <3
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