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Name: Ashley
Date Joined: 12/16/2013
Gender: Female
Last Login: 12/26/2013
Music: Well i like all kinds of music but i mostly only like country and a lil rap STAY CUTE (=^.^=)
Movies: Well i love scary movies all kinds but there are so many i cant put all of them STAY CUTE (=^.^=)
TV: One of my favorite thing to watch is WWE and i also love And any kind of action movie and the one show i love is deggrassie and slide STAY CUTE /(=^.^=)\
Books: I LOVE ALL BOOKS I CANT NAME MY FAVS!! one book i love is twilight breaking dawn and the book lost and found most books that are romance action and drama!!!! (=^.^=) STAY CUTE
Me in 3 words: SHY,OUTGOING,NICE Well that's if you do not get on my bad side lol STAY CUTE /(=^.^=)\
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