16 Hacks that’ll Make Your Ponytail More Glam than You Thought Possible

Ponytails get a bad rap sometimes; They’re only for the gym or when you don’t want to do you hair. But, contrary to popular belief, ponies can actually be pretty effing awesome! Curious how to spruce up your everyday updos? Check out the following hacks, tips and tricks and your pony will be more glamorous than you ever thought possible!

1. Want a longer, thicker pony? This trick is the secret!

2. See? It really works!

3. Teasing works wonders, too.

4. A simple butterfly clip will do wonders!

5. Or you can do the same thing with bobby pins!

6. Flip your hair upside down and add a braid to your pony for a fun addition:

7. Knots aren’t always a bad thing…

8. Make your low pony chic!

9. Add twists to your ‘do for an unexpected touch.

10. Here’s how you can update your basic ponytail:

11. Want a sleek pony a la Kim Kardashian? It’s easy!

12. Here’s what to do if you prefer a more boho look:

13. Growing out your bangs? Braid ‘em back to get them out of your face.

14. Don’t worry, short-haired girls! You can get a full pony, too!

15. If you have trouble keeping your choppy layers back, add a braid!

16. Contrary to popular belief, ponytails can be totally sexy!

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