22 Shirtless Times One Tree Hill’s Nathan Scott Made Your Ovaries Explode

One Tree Hill’s Nathan Scott (AKA James Lafferty) was romantic, attractive and, thankfully, basically never had a shirt on. So, to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the show’s first episode, we’re going to take a look back at all of Nate’s most jaw-dropping shirtless moments that literally had your ovaries exploding. You’re welcome.

1. When he made awkward dancing look hot:

2. When he was chillin’ in the pool:

3. That time he had a nipple ring:

4. When he angrily ran down the beach:

5. When he was on the receiving end of neck kisses:

6. This moment:

7. When he made walking sexy:

8. When he showered:

9. The time he almost drowned, but still looked hot.


11. When his back was EVERYTHING:

12. When he was shirtless while playing basketball:

13. When he spoke the truth:

14. When we got two Scott brothers for the price of one:

15. When he slept like an angelic prince:

16. When he didn’t GAF:

17. When he dabbled in stripping:

18. Blood? No problem.

19. When things got steamy AF in the shower:

20. When he legit became a (sexy) raven:

21. When he made shaving look good:

22. “It’s okay; I’m Batman:”

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