29 Shockingly Inappropriate Tweets Fans Seriously Sent to Nick Jonas

In the past year, Nick Jonas has reinvented himself into one thing — a sex symbol. Yes, you can argue that the former Jonas Brothers member has been hot all along (if you were into boyish charm and curly hair, that is), but come on… have you SEEN his body recently?!

But with his newly discovered sexuality comes a different, more ~intense~ kind of fan base. And by intense, we actually mean…well…kinda freakin’ horny! Here are some of the most sexual tweets NiJo has received:

1. Only tonight?


3. WTF?

4. K.

5. So do a lot of people…

6. Ever heard of personal space?

7. How nice of you.

8. Do you!


10. This doesn’t seem enjoyable, people!

11. Truth.

12. Accurate.

13. We have no words for this.

14. K, Amanda Bynes…

15. Is it the lyrics or?

16. Bleck…

17. Huh?

18. #Viciously

19. Like Louis Tomlinson? Too soon?

20. We HIGHLY doubt that.

21. How much?


23. Sounds…delicious?

24. OH EM GEE!

25. Ohhhkay.

26. Maybe you should see a doctor about that?

27. EWWWW!

28. Double EW!

29. No you don’t…

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