Twitter Reacts to Donald Trump’s Personal Attacks on Morning Joe Co-Hosts

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For those of you who do your very best to avoid everything Donald J. Trump-related, that task was probably pretty hard to do this morning. If you (somehow) succeeded, it must mean your Twitter account has been pretty idle these days — or better yet, non-existent.

“T” (as Trump's decided to call himself) is no newbie to social media or nonsensical and offensive Twitter rants, but this morning, perhaps, he's hit a new low.

Can we please all come together for a collective, “wwhhhaaattt?”

For those of you who never heard of Morning Joe before this morning, it's MSNBC's morning show hosted by Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist and lately, in particular, it has become obvious that they aren't the prez's biggest fans. Despite the Donald saying he doesn't watch anymore (come on, T, we know you do), it's clear the guy knows that Joe, Mika and Willie have found his actions to be a little questionable these days. So, of course, instead of explaining himself or his beliefs, the guy resorted to personal attacks. ~Typical~

Nowadays everything seems to be trial by social media, and of course, Trump's tweets had Twitter talking. So without further adieu, we bring to you the best Twitter reactions to DJT this morning.