Taylor Swift’s Secret Sessions Video Drops All Kinds Of Hints About Reputation

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Is it just us, or is everyone else dying of anticipation about Taylor Swift‘s Reputation album, too? With just days standing between us and Taylor’s new music dropping, she just released a video that is sure to make any fan super jealous. On Tuesday, Swift shared a video from her ‘Secret Sessions’ — AKA the evenings she invited fans to one of her many homes to listen to the new songs early — and as it turns out, there are actually a bunch of hints being dropped about what we can expect when the album finally arrives on Friday.

As if it wasn’t cool enough that these fans got to hang out with Taylor, the video opens by saying that these people (all 500 of them) were handpicked by Taylor to attend these sessions at her homes in London, Nashville, Los Angeles, and Rhode Island. The beginning of the video includes a lot of what you’d expect — screaming fans showing up at Taylor’s house in droves, duh — but once they’ve gotten over the initial excitement of being in the same room as The Queen of Country-turned-Pop, if you pay attention to what they say and their reactions to things, they’re giving out a lot of clues about the new music… even if that’s not their intention.

While the songs are played, the fans are having very telling reactions. At one point, one of them starts clapping, assumedly at a lyric she heard. And, of course, there’s a lot of dancing. One of Taylor’s guests even said that it’s “so different, but so her,” which definitely falls in line with the singles she’s already released.

“It blew my expectations out of the water,” one fan said. “Also, cannot find a favorite. Every song is a freaking masterpiece and we all were speechless.”

Every song? Really? There’s always the chance that this fan was riding that ‘Just Met Taylor Swift’ high so we’ll take it with a grain of salt, but we want to believe her — especially since a couple of other fans in the video echoed her sentiment. It’s next to impossible for an artist to release an album that doesn’t have any songs you’d want to skip, but if Taylor has actually accomplished this, it makes us that much more pumped to hear the album in its entirety.

All in all, it sounds like it’s probably safe to set your hopes as high as you want to where Taylor Swift’s Reputation is concerned. If these Secret Session fans are to be trusted, we’re in for an incredible album when Friday (11/10)
finally rolls around.