Taylor Swift’s Reputation: Here’s Who Every Song On The Album Is About

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Oh, Taylor Swift! You’ve done it again. It’s been less than 24 hours since her new album, Reputation, was released and literally everyone is talking about it! So much so, that any other news today seems irrelevant in comparison to what T. Swift put out in the world.

That’s one of the reasons why it comes to no surprise that everyone is dying to know who every song on the album is about. Not only is her new music good, but all the fun comes with unpacking and deciphering the references in her lyrics. From Kimye to Tom Hiddleston and even her new love interest, Joe Alywn, here’s a full breakdown of her badass lyrics on Reputation.

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1) “…Ready For It?”

This one is definitely about Taylor’s new boyfriend, Joe. “In the middle of the night, in my dreams, you should see the things we do, baby… I know I’m gonna be with you,” she sings. Plus, as many fans pointed out, the music video also has various references to the actor.

2) “End Game”

In this song (which features Ed Sheeran and Future), Taylor sings about having a ~reputation~ and hoping that the guy she’s interested can look past it. “Ah, and you heard about me, ooh, I got some big enemies (yeah), big reputation, big reputation,” she sings. Clearly, another love song for Joe.

3) “I Did Something Bad”

This one is either about Kanye or Tom… or both! The first verse is all Yeezy since Taylor sings about not trusting a “narcissist.” However, we later hear, “I never trust a playboy, but they love me. So I fly him all around the world and I let them think they saved me.” Ouch! If that is not a clear reference to Tom, then we don’t know what is.

4) “Don’t Blame Me”

On this track, Taylor seems to be talking about past relationships and how they failed. “I’ve been breakin’ hearts a long time, and toyin’ with them older guys,” she sings, which could literally be about any of the older men she’s dated (Tom, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal). However, now things are different since Joe is the “drug” she wants to use forever.

5) “Delicate”

In this song, Taylor sings about knowing that her boyfriend loves her for who she truly is. “My reputation’s never been worse,” she sings, “so he must like me for me.” Obviously, a reference to her relationship with Joe especially after the fallout of the Kim Kardashian Snapchat video exposing her for being a “snake.”

6) “Look What You Made Me Do”

This one is easy! We’ve all heard it, dissected the music video and we all know the lyrics reference everyone who’s tried to ruin her reputation… aka Kimye, Katy Perry, etc.

7) “So It Goes…”

Fans are saying this is the sexiest song on her album. Why? Well, because it includes lyrics such as “I’m not a bad girl but I do bad things with you.” WOWWEE, Taylor! This just might be the first time Swift’s referenced sex and we think it’s talking about her sex life with current BF, Joe, or else it might be a seriously awkward situation.

8) “Gorgeous”

This track literally can’t be more obvious. It’s about Joe and his “ocean blue eyes.” That said, she also referred to the ex she was dating when she met her current boo saying, “I’ve got a boyfriend, he’s older than us / he’s in the club doing I don’t know what.” While some have said that’s about Calvin Harris, a DJ whose job brings him to the club, others have said it’s actually about Tom Hiddleston, who’s probably no stranger to the Hollywood club scene.

9) “Getaway Car”

This song is the only breakup song on the album and could either be about Tom or Calvin Harris… or both! “But with three of us, honey, it’s a sideshow / and a circus ain’t a love story / and now we’re both sorry,” she sings, alluding to the bad press both her relationships received after they ended.

10) “King of My Heart”

This one seems to be another love song for Joe (damn, the girl’s like, obsessed!), in which Taylor sings about how he’s the one she’s been waiting for. She also calls out her exes (Calvin and Tom) and their expensive cars.

11) “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”

Yet another ode to Joe! In this one, Taylor references the moment she fell in love. “I, I loved you in secret, first sight, yeah, we love without reason,” she sings. This would also make sense with the timeline from “Gorgeous” which suggests when she met Joe, she was dating someone else.

12) “Dress”

This is another song about Joe and the secrecy of their relationship. “Our secret moments in a crowded room, they got no idea about me and you,” she sings.

13) “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

This track is totally a dig at Kanye and their infamous feud. “It was so nice being friends again, there I was giving you a second chance. But you stabbed me in the back while shaking my hand,” Swift sings. Ouch! She even references Jay Z, singing, “I’m not the only friend you lost lately.” Damn, girl!

14) “Call It What You Want”

Another one about Joe! Taylor sings about doing “at least one thing right.” There are still some obvious references to the snake debacle and some clapbacks to Kanye and Kim, but for the most part, it’s a sweet song for her man. “I’m doing better than I ever was,” she sings, despite the public backlash.

15) “New Year’s Day”

Last but not least, she ends her album with one final song about Joe and how she sees their relationship lasting. “You and me forevermore,” she sings.

P.S. Because Taylor is always on top of things, she included an essay in the Reputation lyric booklet:

“When this album comes out, gossip blogs will scour the lyrics for the men they can attribute to each song as if the inspiration for music is as simple and basic as a paternity test,” she writes. “There will be slideshows of photos backing up each incorrect theory because it’s 2017 and if you didn’t see a picture of it, it couldn’t have happened right?”

Genius. But, no matter what she says, decoding her lyrics is still one of the best parts of any of her albums!