Fans Think ‘Squad Member’ Karlie Kloss Shaded Taylor Swift By Posting Katy Perry Lyric

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Fans Think  Squad Member  Karlie Kloss Shaded Taylor Swift by Posting Katy Perry Lyric taylor karlie gif


The Taylor Swift v. Katy Perry feud may be over — but that doesn’t mean that it has stopped causing drama in Hollywood — or at least that’s what the Swifties think. Karlie Kloss upset Taylor Swift fans after she used a Katy Perry lyric as her Instagram caption. On Tuesday, the Victoria’s Secret model posted an Instagram video of herself playing basketball for day 31 of LOVE magazine’s advent calendar and captioned it “Swish, swish.” Seems pretty innocent, right? Not according to Swifties, who immediately assumed Karlie was dissing her longtime BFF.

Anyone who knows anything about Taylor and Katy’s feud will know that Karlie made a bad call since Katy’s “Swish, Swish” was considered a direct reply to Taylor’s 2014 revenge song, “Bad Blood.” The VS Angel’s intentions might have been innocent, but she changed the caption anyway.

“Swish swish ?❤️ Love Advent ’17 thank you @thelovemagazine @kegrand @philpoynter,” Karlie originally posted before having to edit the caption to “Nothing but net” instead.

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One Swiftie made a good point in saying that if Karlie wasn’t purposely shading Taylor, then she should’ve just said it! “If it wasn’t true, Karlie could have just easily said it out lol. And it’s not like she’s not aware of the Katy Taylor thing, she could have used other captions. I AM A BIG SWIFTIE MYSELF AND IM AFRAID TO SAY BUT THE SHADE IS ON,” one fan commented.

“I love you karlie and taylor is your ride or die. But making that caption when obviously you know about the feud is kinda asking for it,” another one Instagram user wrote.

Rumors of a fallout between Karlie and Taylor have been circulating for quite some time now. Hence why fans were probably quick to jump on the idea that Karlie was throwing shade.

It all started when fans noticed that Taylor did not include Karlie’s name on a t-shirt featured in her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. Everyone else from her squad – including Selena Gomez, Lily Aldridge, Gigi Hadid, and Blake Lively – could spot their name. But not Karlie.

As a source told Us Weekly in August that Karlie and Taylor are still good friends. “Taylor respects Karlie so much for doing her own thing and being smart,” the insider told the website. “Taylor has so much admiration for her, especially for educating girls with coding.”

In fact, Karlie even posted a happy birthday Instagram photo to celebrate Taylor’s 28th birthday in December. We doubt she would have posted one if they weren’t still friends…

Happy happy birthday @taylorswift! ?

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It’s true that the two haven’t been spotted together for quite some time now, but the “swish” term is commonly used to make basketball references, so Swifties might have jumped the gun on this one. Also, that fact that there’s a possibility Katy will make an appearance in Taylor’s new music video for “End Game” might just put all these feud rumors behind us once and for all!

Hopefully someone will let us know soon what’s actually going on with these BFFs. After all, we want to know what to expect from T. Swift’s squad in 2018!