Stranger Things Is Officially Coming Back For Season 3

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Better start stocking up on Eggos now. According to The Hollywood ReporterStranger Things has officially been renewed for season three. It’s awesome news for fans of the show, but then again, considering its massive popularity, was there ever any doubt that it’d be coming back?

Netflix announced the news on Twitter Friday morning in the cutest way ever: with a poll, followed by the promise of more episodes. FOR THE LOVE OF STEVE!

A cool 15.8 million people watched the season two premiere within 72 hours of it becoming available on Netflix, according to Nielsen, proving it’s pretty damn popular and those millions of people will be tuning in for another season. Sources told the site that while the main cast including Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard have been bringing in $30,000 per episode for the first two seasons, renegotiations are expected to take place at the beginning of next year. Knowing how much of a success Stranger Things has been so far, it seems like a pay raise would be pretty fair. These kids work really hard — and they are masters at what they do!

Season two tied up a lot of loose ends, but there are still so many questions left to be answered — like what will happen now that Eleven might finally be able to join society and maybe even go to Hawkins junior high like a regular kid? Will her “sister” make a return? What about her mother? We’re so glad to hear that more episodes are on the way because there’s so much left to be explored in the Stranger Things universe… and the Upside Down.

Questioning what we can expect from the third season is on everyone’s minds. In October, showrunners the Duffer Brothers told a THR that there will be a time jump in order to keep up with how quickly the cast is growing up, and in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, they said that the guys’ friendships “will be tested.” Those relationships we saw blossoming in the finale (i.e. the one between Max and Lucas) are going to be a big part of the plot — perhaps their new romantic connections will be the things testing their brotherhood?

“Obviously, like Lucas and Max are together, but really, when you’re that age, how long do relationships last?” Matt Duffer said. “They usually last about two weeks if you’re lucky. I think that’s going to be fun to explore.”

And hopefully, there will be a lot more Steve Harrington. So much Steve Harrington, if we have any say about it.

So far, a return date hasn’t been announced, but we have a feeling it’ll be awhile before the new episodes hit Netflix. Our bets are on next October — hopefully with plenty of time for us to make a truly inspired Halloween costume based on our favorite Netflix show. Knowing Stranger Things, the wait will totally be well worth it.