Three Stranger Things Stars Had Their First Kisses On The Show & How They Talk About It Is Too Cute

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Three  em Stranger Things em  Stars Had Their First Kisses on the Show   How They Talk About it is Too Cute mike eleven kiss gif


We all love a good first kiss story and Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown‘s story is the best of one all. Why might you ask? Well, because it was with her co-star Finn Wolfhard! Who else loves Eleven and Mike as much as we do? They’re the cutest, so when we found out that Finn was Millie’s first-ever kiss, we couldn’t help but love them even more!

In an interview with Studio 10, Millie dished, “It was my first kiss. It was weird, but it was fine. Finn is one of my closest friends and I love him. I don’t want to kiss a stranger, so kissing Finn was easy! It sounds so weird to say. Finn’s a great guy.”

SPOILER ALERT! The two kiss again at the end of season two and, as Millie says, it was way more romantic the second time around.

Three  em Stranger Things em  Stars Had Their First Kisses on the Show   How They Talk About it is Too Cute stranger things s2 eleven mike jpg


But, this wasn’t the first time Millie has discussed the kiss. In October, the 13-year-old told Variety that her experience was a little awkward. “It was a strange experience. Having 250 people looking at you kissing someone is like, ‘Whoa!'” she revealed.

Having 250 people watch you do anything is awkward, so imagine having to have your first kiss in front of that many people! However, Millie has proven herself to be a mature actress, therefore there’s no doubt in our minds that she handled it like the professional she is.

What’s even cuter is that Millie isn’t the only one who had her first-ever kiss on the set of the Netflix series. Her co-star, Sadie Sink (who plays Max), also shared her first kiss with Caleb McLaughlin (who plays Lucas). There was a little controversy surrounding the moment because Sadie made a comment about being stressed out while filming the finale, however, that was all cleared up afterward.

Three  em Stranger Things em  Stars Had Their First Kisses on the Show   How They Talk About it is Too Cute stranger things max lucas kiss jpg


“I mean, of course, I was nervous because it’s a first kiss, right? But I never objected to [it] or felt pushed into anything,” Sadie told The Wrap. “I always felt comfortable and the Duffer Brothers, they do the best job, and always create a comfortable space. And if I felt uncomfortable with anything, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Plus, Sadie was in the scene with Caleb, aka Lucas on Stranger Things, who was also experiencing pretty similar emotions. “It was my first kiss! I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m kissing Sadie. She’s my friend! Whoa!'” he told Vanity Fair. “But she came in for the kiss, so it wasn’t me making the first move.” He also said he asked a co-star for kissing advice beforehand. “Finn gave me some advice. He’s the master at it.”

One of the only ones that didn’t get to kiss someone on the show is Gaten Matarazzo‘s character, Dustin. He opened up about it during a hilarious interview with The Wire where he and co-star Joe Keery (who plays the lovable Steve) answer Google’s most searched questions.

“I think they’re referring to the fact that I’m the only one who hasn’t had a kiss on the show besides, like Noah — err, Will.” (The Google question was “Is Gaten Matarazzo Kissing?”) Gaten continued, “Everyone’s like ‘why isn’t Dustin getting kissed?’ but what about Will!” While that’s obviously a question we need answered, the best nougat of info comes with this video is, “Is Stranger Things based on a true story?” To our surprise, it kinda is!

“It’s based on a place in Montauk, New York called Camp Hero,” Gaten explained. “There was, like, rumors of secret government spies doing human experiments to fight in the Cold War. It’s based on that one government lab.”

Ummmm… CREEPY! Watch the boys answer other burning questions in the video below!