A Sister, Sister Reboot Is Officially Happening!

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Calling all ’90s kids! A Sister, Sister reboot is officially happening! According to one of the stars from the Tia and Tamera Mowry show, a revival is in the works. Jackée Harry – who played Lisa Landry, Tia and Tamera’s adoptive mother – appeared on Steve Harvey‘s talk show where she confirmed the exciting news. “Yeah, it’s happening!” she said. “I’m excited. Tia and Tamera, they’re my babies, too. They won’t leave me alone. I can’t get rid of none of these women!”

For those who don’t know (and we’ll be very shocked if you don’t), Sister, Sister revolved around two twins who were separated at birth. One is adopted by a single dad, while the other is adopted by a single mom. They eventually find their way back to one another and later move in together. It’s quite literally one of the best shows from our childhoods, hence why this reboot news is exciting AF!

The real-life Tia and Tamera have said they were interested in doing a revival series for a while, but now that it’s official, can we assume it will air on ABC like the original sitcom? Apparently not since ABC already confirmed to People that they’re not the ones behind the reboot. Hmmm… Our bet is that Netflix will pick up the revival just like they did with Full House and Gilmore Girls.

There are no other further details just yet, but Tamera teased us with the possibility back in July. “We’re meeting with writers and producers because we wanna make sure it’s all a great fit, but we are progressively moving forward to make this happen,” she told People. “We appreciate all of our fans’ eagerness because we are just as eager as you guys are.”

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Then in October, Tamera’s twin sister Tia told Entertainment Tonight that a revival could follow the twins 18 years later, now married with kids. “I will say this, we are definitely closer than ever,” she said. “That’s basically all I can say. But I’m getting excited.”

“As I know of now, definitely Jackée Harry and Tim Reid will definitely be part of the show,” she continued. “I think I would want it to pick up with where our lives are now. We’re married with kids. But I definitely would want it to focus on the power of sisterhood.”

“How wonderful and amazing that sisterhood and that relationship can be. How it helps you in whatever trial and tribulations you are in. When you have the sisterhood and that bond, that is so beautiful,” Tia, who is now married with two children, added.

We couldn’t agree with her more. We can just imagine what crazy scenarios the sisters will find themselves in! But will Marques Houston, who played Tia and Tamera’s annoying neighbor Roger Evans, be part of the show too? We certainly hope so. Who knows, maybe he’ll even be married to one of the sisters! After all, he did have a major crush on them for the entire series.