Selena Gomez Shaves Part Of Her Head & Shows Off Her New Look

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Over the last few years, undercuts have become a serious trend. And while not everybody can pull it off, Selena Gomez is going for it and she ROCKS the look. On Monday morning, Selena showed off her new haircut on Instagram, revealing that she shaved part of her head. TBH, it looks pretty awesome on her.

In the pic, Selena’s back is to the camera with her hair in a braided ponytail, offering up a clear peek at the undercut she’s now sporting. She, unfortunately, didn’t explain why she decided to get an edgier haircut, other than the fact that it was time for something different. “Always need a subtle change,” she wrote in the caption, adding that she was in Germany working with Puma.

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Shaving part of your head is clearly a big deal, but Selena’s right — for her, its pretty subtle. It seems to be just the bottom portion of her hair, so the undercut should only be visible when her hair is up… and we have to admit it does add a cute kick to her ponytail. That’s the best way to make a major hair change, after all; one you can hide when you get tired of it or while you’re waiting for it to grow out is never a bad idea. And so far, it seems like her fans are loving it; her Instagram comments are flooded with her followers doling out all kinds of compliments (and in a variety of languages, too). She deserves it all, because she really does look good.

We just can’t help but wonder if she needed this change because she and Justin Bieber seem to have called it quits yet again. It might be cliché, but plenty of us have felt like we needed to do something drastic like a haircut after a breakup. Why not go for a quick undercut? Like we said before, it’s easy enough to hide if you decide you’re over it, but it can definitely be empowering when you want to take control of your life (and your look). We’re not surprised to see Selena pulling this off flawlessly, though; has that girl ever managed to be anything but gorgeous?

Whatever’s going on, we hope Selena shares more photos of her new ‘do soon. We need to see more! And she can feel free to throw in a few photos from her trip to Germany while she’s at it, too.