Selena Gomez’s Mom Says She Warned Daughter Not To Work With Woody Allen

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Selena Gomez s Mom Says She Warned Daughter Not to Work with Woody Allen selena gomez woody allen film jpg jpeg

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Selena Gomez‘s mom, Mandy Teefey, has a lot to say about her daughter’s choices these days. First, she broke her silence regarding Selena’s rekindled relationship with Justin Bieber, and now she’s saying she advised her not to work with Woody Allen on the film A Rainy Day in New York. Selena has yet to address her decision to work with the alleged sexual abuser. So, when a fan wrote that the singer should issue an apology, Mandy replied.

“No one can make Selena do anything she doesn’t want to,” she wrote in the since-deleted comment (luckily screenshots exist). “I had a long talk with her about not working with him and it didn’t click. Her team are amazing people. There is no fall person here.”

“No one controls her. She makes all her own decisions. No matter how hard you try to advise. It falls on deaf ears,” Mandy added, implying that she was aware the movie would be controversial.

Mandy later posted another lengthy statement on Facebook, making it clear that she has only tried to protect her daughter throughout her career and that Selena’s choices are hers.

“I am a mom first,” she wrote. “But, I am also my own person. She does not have to apologize for her choices, but let it be known they are hers. I don’t need to be told how to raise my child, handle my family matters or be slammed for having my own opinion.”

There have been rumors circulating that Mandy and Selena’s relationship has been strained ever since the singer fired her mom as her manager in 2014. Then, there were reports that Mandy was rushed to the hospital after an argument she and Selena had over Justin. After that, she admitted to Gossip Cop that she’s “not happy” about Jelena’s reunion, and now this.

It does seem odd that Mandy would make such public statements about Selena, though perhaps she’s fed up with being painted the villain in their relationship. It seems very unusual that she would call out her own daughter in such a way, but just further proves we don’t know the extent of their drama behind closed doors.

Meanwhile, it seems like Selena might regret her decision to work with Woody after all. After being criticized for staying silent after some of her co-stars in A Rainy Day in New York vowed to donate their salaries to charity, she followed in their footsteps by making a significant donation to the Time’s Up movement. Her donation is said to have “far exceeded” her salary for the movie. Timothée Chalamet also donated his salary by splitting the money between Time’s Up, RAINN, and other charities.

Woody was accused of molesting his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow, in an attic when she was 7-years-old. He denied the allegations and his career never suffered any repercussions… until now, that is. It seems like people have finally decided to believe Dylan in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. It’s sad that it took us this long to get here, though.