Sources Say Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Are Not Ready For A Serious Relationship

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Sources Say Selena Gomez   Justin Bieber are Not Ready for a Serious Relationship selena gomez gif

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Even though Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are still on a break, fans are holding out hope that the two will find their way back to one another like they always do. However, a new Entertainment Tonight report suggests a reconciliation might not happen right away. The good news is that the on-again off-again couple are still very much on good terms, which is why we probably shouldn’t get too excited when they’re spotted at the same church together.

“They were at church last night [April 11],” a source told ET. “They didn’t arrive or leave together, but they were very friendly and civil. They’re still very close. It’s not awkward between them at all.”

The source revealed that despite the love they have for one another, they agreed that right now isn’t the time to have a serious relationship. “They both know a serious relationship right now is just too much to take on,” the source said. “It’s been a weird few weeks for Selena. She’s tired of taking on other people’s dramas and just wants to continue focusing on herself and going to church is a big part of that.”

Selena, who’s relentlessly followed by paparazzi, knows there will be swarms of cameras outside Church to ask her about her and Justin’s relationship. However, sources say there’s nothing to tell since “they’re fine.”

Earlier this week, the “Wolves” singer actually told a paparazzo that they were scaring her. “Do you guys just mind if I have the rest of the day?” she told one of them. “You’re kind of scaring me.” The pap in question had nothing to say other than “it’s competitive.” OK then…

Over the past few months, paparazzi have been all over Selena and Justin’s every move to figure out the current status of their relationship. For example, Justin was spotted with model Baskin Champion again and the rumors went wild. The two were photographed leaving SoulCycle earlier this week, which obviously left fans questioning where Jelena stands.

Right now, not even Justin and Selena’s friends really know what’s going on between them nor do they know how to handle the whole situation. “Everyone’s always guessing, ‘Are they or aren’t they [together]?'” a source told ET. (Also, SAME.) “They’ve had a very volatile relationship in the past, so everyone is bracing themselves for it to turn south again, but so far it’s been fine.”

For the time being, it appears as though they are just Church friends – and we’re OK with that. If focusing on themselves will help Justin and Selena in the long run, then it’ll have been worth putting their relationship on hold in order to be better prepared for their future together.