A Scandal And How To Get Away With Murder Crossover Is In The Works

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A  em Scandal em  and  em How to Get Away with Murder em  Crossover is in the Works htgawm scandal gif


OMG! There’s a Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder crossover is in the works – and we can hardly contain our excitement! Deadline reports that a potential crossover episode between the two Shonda Rhimes series will happen later this season. ABC has yet to officially confirm the news, however, the stars of both shows are having fun teasing fans on social media!

Kerry Washington and Viola Davis both shared photos of themselves on set, but there’s a catch! Kerry posted a photo of herself, as Olivia Pope, on the set of How to Get Away with Murder, while Viola shared her own pic of herself dressed up as Annalise Keating on the set of Scandal. Their Instagram captions are what really let the cat out of the bag, though!

“Hey Ms @violadavis,” Kerry teased. “Check it out. This spot look familiar?! Where are you?”

“Hey @KerryWashington, guess where I am?!,” Viola teased right back.

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If you’re a fan of either show, then you’ll recognize that Kerry is sitting on a bench outside a courtroom where Annalise frequently defends her clients and Viola is in the President’s office.

How amazing is this? Can you imagine what will go down between Olivia and Annalise? Will they work on a big case together? Does Annalise need Olivia’s help to handle a problem? The possibilities are endless! We’re also hoping this crossover could open doors to other #TGIT crossovers, too. Will Grey’s Anatomy get in on this?! Anything is possible in Shondaland!

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for either the network or show creator to confirm what we already assume, but a crossover would definitely give Scandal the perfect sendoff. The show is in its seventh and final season, so an Annalise Keating cameo would be incredible.

Scandal‘s midseason finale left fans wondering if Quinn, played by Katie Lowes, is dead or alive. In the final moments of the episode, Olivia’s father seemingly shoots and kills Quinn. “Do you want to see the body?” he asks Olivia – and that’s how it ends! Are we sure it’s Quinn? Is she dead? We’re going to have to wait until January 18 to find out.

Meanwhile, How to Get Away with Murder‘s shocking midseason finale left fans speechless after the Keating 4’s plan failed, leaving Simon’s life hanging by a thread. Also, the graphic ending, especially Laurel’s body in the elevator and Annalise giving the baby CPR, was one to remember.

That’s why this potential crossover makes everything that much more exciting! It’s about time, anyway. In the past, we’ve seen Shondaland characters appear in all three #TGIT shows, so a crossover episode was bound to happen one day! We’re very glad that day has finally come!