Ryan Reynolds Is Set To Play Pikachu In Live-Action Pokémon Movie

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If the idea of a live action Pokémon movie isn’t bizarre enough for you, this new detail will be. According to The Hollywood Reporter,  Ryan Reynolds will be playing Pikachuin Detective Pikachu, a movie based on the Nintendo game that features the title character as — you guessed it — a detective.

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The surprising news broke on Wednesday, and Ryan isn’t the only star who’s signed onto the movie so far. THR reports that Kathryn Newton and Justice Smith have also been cast, and filming is already set to begin in January in London. And as far as the plot goes? Ryan, as Pikachu, will help Justice’s character track down his father after he’s been kidnapped.

And in case you were wondering, this is what Detective Pikachu looks like:

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Yeah, nothing like Ryan Reynolds, so the magic of CGI will clearly be key. Obviously, he won’t be dressed in yellow wearing a headband that looks like Pikachu’s ears… or at least we hope not. So far it sounds like it’s going to be a motion capture film, similar to Disney’s remake of The Jungle Book in 2016.

For die-hard fans of Pokémon, this news might be a little jarring. After all, does Ryan, with his penchant for cutting sarcasm, really fit the role most of us think of when we think of adorable little Pikachu? No, but he’s also a very talented actor, so maybe we should trust him on this one. The Pikachu from the detective version of the game is a little gruffer and sarcastic than the one who can only squeak out his own name in the traditional games and show, so perhaps the Deadpool star in the role makes more sense than we originally thought.

Although the actor is known for speaking his mind with his hilarious tweets, so far Ryan’s remained silent about his new role on Twitter. Hopefully, that won’t stay the case for long. With this role comes so much potential for laughs, both during filming and when it comes time to promote the movie during its release. We’re sure his daughters, Ines and James, are going to be delighted when they see their dear-old-dad strutting his stuff on the big screen as Pikachu.

No word on any other details about the movie, including a release date, but hopefully that information is coming soon. Whether you’re loving the idea or not, you have to admit that it’s going to be interesting to see this unfold. After all, photos from the set are bound to be a trip.