Why Ryan Reynolds Doesn’t Want His Kids To Become Celebrities Like Their Parents

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively may have created super successful careers for themselves in Hollywood, but if it’s up to the Deadpool 2 star, his kids won’t join the family business. In an interview on Good Morning America, Ryan admitted he doesn’t want his kids to become celebrities — and he’s definitely not going to be the one to put his daughters in show business himself.

Of course, Ines and James are still young at one and three years old, so he’s got a while before he has to start worrying about their career choices. But according to Ryan, he’s really hoping that starring in TV shows and movies isn’t in their future because of the kind of life it could create for them.

“Mostly because I’m against child abuse,” he said, explaining his reasoning for hoping they decide to stay out of the spotlight. “Show business, for a little kid, that’s a crazy pursuit.”

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It makes sense that Ryan has such a strong opinion on the subject, being that he was a child actor himself. He had his first role at 15, starring in a 1990s TV series on Nickelodeon called Fifteen. Maybe by being part of the entertainment industry from such a young age, he realized that although it may seem glamorous, it’s not the ideal childhood? And we can’t really blame him, either. Although plenty of child stars go on to have happy, healthy lives, it has to be incredibly stressful to be under that kind of pressure when you’re little (and miss out on all the fun parts of being a regular kid without a job).

However, it’s not acting in general that Ryan is against — he’s totally fine with that, as long as they stay away with what he classifies as “show business.” Going to theater school is totally cool with him, so it sounds like he just wants them to stay off screen… as long as they’re children, anyway. It makes sense; by the time they’d be old enough to go to school for drama, they’d be a lot more able to handle all the crazy things Hollywood could throw at them.

“Acting is great,” he said. “Theater school, that kind of [thing] — amazing. I don’t know why you would put your kid in show business.”

But will James and Ines agree with him as they get older? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens… and hopefully, Ryan and Blake will keep us updated along the way.