Riverdale‘s Lili Reinhart Calls Out So-Called Feminists Who Posted Body-Shaming Meme

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Since her breakout on Riverdale, Lili Reinhart has always been outspoken on social media. And this time, she’s not messing around. This week, Lili slammed body-shamers who made a meme out of a recent Riverdale scene, and her side of the story is so important to hear.

It all started when a photo started making the rounds on certain fan accounts that compared a photo of her in black lingerie from the show to Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill wearing very similar lingerie. According to Lili herself, fans who posted the photo had been asking which woman is hotter or wore the outfit better, and it bothered her enough that she had to speak out on her Tumblr account.

Here’s the photo in question:

Seeing this side-by-side comparison, it’s easy to say that both of these women look awesome — but unfortunately, that’s not the only reaction Lili has seen. In her post, she wrote that seeing fan accounts that often promote body positivity and the feminism on Riverdale also share this photo of her was “disappointing,” pointing out what a bad idea it is to compare women in this way… for so many reasons.

“This is a poll. A competition. A comparison of two bodies. It’s a feeding ground for comments of judgement and negativity,” she wrote. “’Betty is fat’, ‘that’s not flattering,’ ‘the model looks way better.’ It is a perfect way to fuel this delusional idea that it’s still okay to put women on a pedestal and compare them.”

It’s true. You know what they say — comparison is the thief of joy, and like Lili said in her post, it’s not just that people are comparing her to a model, but they’re also comparing themselves to the model. That’s never going to lead anywhere good.

“I do not have that model’s body. I’m fully aware of this,” she continued. “I don’t have a thigh gap.. a 24 inch waist.. toned arms or abs. I am not her. And how dare anyone assume that I should look like her.”

She added:

It’s upsetting to see all these young women who proclaim to be feminists participate in something that represents the exact opposite. To them I say: You are the problem, don’t you get it? You are promoting the idea that this model is what all women should look like and that it’s not okay to look like anything else. This is why we have eating disorders. This is why young teens are suicidal about their body image. This is why people have body dysmorphic disorder. This is why there aren’t nearly enough plus size models in the industry. I hope that this makes you reconsider the next time you feel the need to comment on another woman’s weight or figure.

Preach, Lili. Women should be encouraging each other instead of taking any opportunity to tear each other down. In an ideal world, someday, we’ll all be comfortable in our own skin and not feel the need to judge other women or ourselves based on arbitrary items like numbers on a scale or a dress size. But until that happens, images like this aren’t going to help anyone reach that level of body positivity so many women strive for — and good for Lili for showing her fans that they only have to look like themselves, not a model or an actress or anyone else.