Lili Reinhart & Camila Mendes Gush About Working With Each Other On Riverdale

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Is it just us, or is the week of Comic-Con the best ever? Not only do we get some of our favorite casts spilling the tea about upcoming seasons of their show, but we also get red carpet interviews with some of our fave actors who team up with one another and give us behind-the-scenes secrets about working on cult-favorite TV shows. Riverdale is absolutely running Comic-Con right now, and when they aren’t giving us season three spoilers, they’re gushing about what it’s really like to work with a TV cast who is, as Lili Reinhart says, is “just as close as you think [they] are.”

Lili and Camila Mendes, who play Betty and Veronica on The CW series, talked to ET Canada about their relationship and the girl power on Riverdale.

“I love Cami. I love [Nathalie Boltt] and I love everyone that I work with. All the girls are such badasses,” Lili revealed. “I feel like our show is very much so run by the girls [of Riverdale]. And I hate to say it but…”

Camila echoed her TV BFF’s statements saying, “It’s our show.”

“Off-set, we’re just as close as you think we are, you know?” Lili continued. “We’re constantly supporting each other. If one of us speaks out about an issue, the other one will speak out.” And it’s not all talk. All the female cast members have spoken out about important issues like feminism, sex, race, and representation, and they’re all more than happy to stand by their sisters when one does.

We always knew that the cast of Riverdale was close off-screen, but it’s super sweet to see them gush about one another on the red carpet. Mädchen Amick, who plays Betty’s mom, even got in on the girl power action!

Watch their interview here.