The Sneaky Way Riverdale Has Been Hinting At Cheryl & Toni’s Relationship

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The Sneaky Way  em Riverdale em  Has Been Hinting at Cheryl   Toni s Relationship choni riverdale gif

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While we’ve been busy trying to figure out the identity of the Black Hood, Riverdale has been dropping hints about Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) and Toni Topaz’s (Vanessa Morgan) relationship in one VERY particular way. How did we miss this!? Well, now that we know, we can look out for more hidden Easter Eggs on the show. You might remember that Toni borrowed one of Cheryl’s tops after Cheryl asked her to accompany her at her dad’s will-reading. Well, that wasn’t the only time the couple shared their wardrobe. The second time was after Cheryl starting living with Toni!

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, a fan wanted Madelaine to confirm whether her character was wearing Toni’s pants at the end of season two’s episode 17. If yes, she wanted to know if Cheryl could reveal any other details about what happened after Toni recused Cheryl.

Well, it turns out the fan was totally right about an important detail! Yes, we kind of assumed that Cheryl and Toni were something (especially after that kiss), but now Madelaine has confirmed it.

“You guys are totally on it! I am very impressed that you guys figured that out. Yes, after being rescued from the nuns, obviously, she did not go back to Thistlehouse, so Toni took her in,” she shared. “For the next, like, [few episodes] 17 and 18, Cheryl is wearing only Toni’s clothing because she’s staying at Toni’s. We don’t really talk about it at all, but it’s nice that you guys notice those things.”

Ah! So there you have it. Cheryl and Toni’s relationship hit a new milestone and some of us didn’t even notice. It won’t happen again because we’re going to keep our eyes peeled from now on! After all, #Choni is slowly becoming our favorite Riverdale ship. Sorry, #Bughead and #Varchie.

Just last week, Madelaine and Vanessa shared some more behind-the-scenes Choni stories in a new video Madelaine posted on her YouTube channel. Not only did they gush about their IRL friendship, but they also revealed what we can expect from their characters’ relationship in the future!

“I really want them to stay together forever,” Madeleine said. “You see [Toni] with Cheryl and it’s like they both have this sweet vulnerable side that nobody has ever seen before. She’s just so understanding and caring about Cheryl and sees through the whole facade that Cheryl puts up.”

“I think it’s sweet and something that Cheryl deserves,” she added. We think so too. Both Toni and Cheryl bring out the best in each other and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next.

Riverdale’s season finale airs tonight on The CW at 8 PM EST!