Riverdale‘s Camila Mendes Says “Someone” Might Come Between Veronica & Archie

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We all have our favorite on-screen ships – and ours just happen to all come from Riverdale. But, in news we did not want to hear, Camila Mendes revealed that Veronica and Archie might not make it as a couple next season. Though we’re choosing not to believe the writers of the show would do that to #Varchie shippers, these two will definitely have to overcome a lot of obstacles.

Last season’s finale left us questioning Archie’s fate after he’s arrested for Cassidy’s murder. In season 2’s “The Hills Have Eyes,” Archie and the gang head to the Lodges’ cabin in the woods for a weekend getaway, but end up getting robbed. Archie chases them, but the Lodges’ bodyguard Andre “takes care” of a boy named Cassidy. Archie heads back and tells no one what he witnessed. So after Archie threatens Hiram and tells him to leave him and his dad Fred alone, Veronica’s vindictive and manipulative father frames poor little Archiekins for the murder of that he didn’t commit.

Now, it seems like Archie’s freedom won’t be the only thing he might lose. During Comic-Con, Camila teased Varchie’s fate, telling Us Weekly, “They are going to struggle in their relationship.” But that’s not the worst part… she also revealed that there might be someone else involved! She obviously didn’t go into detail, but it’s got us wondering who could come between Archie and Veronica? Is it Betty? You might recall that she and Archie shared a kiss last season, so perhaps his trial brings them closer and opens Archie’s eyes (and heart)? It could also be Reggie Mantle since Charles Melton took on a main role for next season. It’s too soon to tell, but WE HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

In other interviews at Comic-Con, KJ Apa did say that Archie’s trial will play a role in their struggle, adding that “the distance and separation, if he goes away, is going to be tough.”

Meanwhile, Camila did reveal that Veronica will be very focused on running Pop’s Diner on season three, as well as looking for ways to take her father down for all his wrongdoings.

“I feel like in season two, she was trying to decide if her dad was a bad person. And I feel like in season three, she’s decided he’s a bad person. Took her long enough,” she said. “I think there’s gonna be so much more of a clear battle between Hiram and Veronica because now, she owns Pop’s. She’s cut off financially and has to support herself, and her father’s constantly trying to get in her way of that.”

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Veronica is a badass. It will be nice to see her character develop even if it means that she and Archie aren’t together for a little while. In the meantime, while we wait for October 10th to come around, let’s all enjoy Riverdale‘s season three trailer again.