The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Responds To Ex Dean Unglert & Lesley Murphy’s Breakup

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Every week, it seems like yet another Bachelor Winter Games couple has bitten the dust, and unfortunately, the latest is Dean Unglert and Lesley Murphy. After they announced their split over the weekend, fans have been seriously bummed that this adorable couple has decided to go their separate ways, and now, Rachel Lindsay is weighing in on Dean and Lesley’s breakup, too.

Even though Dean and Rachel really seemed to have a connection on The Bachelorette last season, she ended up eliminating him pretty close to the end after the hometown dates. Then we couldn’t help but notice that when she appeared as a judge on Winter Games, she seemed to be holding a grudge against Dean. But now, it seems like she’s got nothing but sympathy for her former fling.

When she appeared on Ashley Iaconetti and Ben Higgins’s podcast, Almost Famous, Rachel said that she was “shocked” to hear that Dean and Lesley called it quits. As were the rest of us, honestly, because after watching them fall in love on the show, it seemed Dean finally found someone who could help him settle down.

“I actually thought they were a pretty good match for each other,” she said on the podcast. “I thought that they seemed to have a lot of the same interests — like personalities that meshed really well together — and I thought that they were gonna work out.”

Uh, same, Rachel. Not only did they make such a cute couple, but it seemed like their connection was going to take them well past the show. Especially considering he gave her a key to his house on the Winter Games’ aftershow! We’re pretty surprised that things didn’t work out, but if Dean was behaving at all like we saw from him on Bachelor in Paradise last summer, it makes sense that Lesley would want to take a step back and find somebody who was more “ready” for commitment, like her Instagram post made it seem on Sunday.

“I didn’t think that they were going to be running down the aisle anytime soon, but I definitely thought that they were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend for a while,” Rachel added. “So I was shocked that it ended so quickly.”

It’s definitely a bummer that Dean and Lesley are no more, but hopefully, it was the best decision for both of them… and we have a feeling they’ll both be better off. They’ll definitely find the right people when the time comes, because they’re both awesome (and, TBH, they’re both gorgeous). Now, we just have to wait and see it all unfold. Maybe on Bachelor in Paradise this summer?