Pretty Little Liars Showrunner Gave Fans The Spoby Ending They Deserved

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Any true Spoby fan knows that the Pretty Little Liars series finale last year did not give Spencer and Toby the happy ending they deserved. Sure, it’s been over six months since PLL aired the last episode, but let’s face the facts — we’re still not over it. Yes, the couple did end up together, but it just felt like after all the back and forth, those ups and downs — what we got wasn’t enough. Unfortunately, that has haunted showrunner I. Marlene King ever since, telling Entertainment Weekly, “I felt like they got their happy ending, but the true Spoby fans were very upset and I feel bad about that to this day.”

So over the weekend, she surprised fans with a short love story for Spoby shippers. After reading it, you’ll be hoping there’s more where that came from! In a series of tweets, Marlene wrote:

She walked into the kitchen expecting to be alone. Toby was working late, or at least that’s what she thought. Toby was waiting for her at the center island. His work was going as expected. Over 50 units sheltering the Philly homeless. Spencer left the office early that day. She was earning her law degree at Hollis Colege while clerking with her mom in Rosewood. Toby also left early that day. There was something weighing on his mind. Something he needed to talk about with Spencer. When he saw her. When she saw him. It was as if they both understood why they left early. What Toby needed to tell Spencer didn’t matter. He needed to hold her. To tell her she was his safe place to land. She soaked it in. Like it might be the last time she ever held him. There was so much they needed to talk about. But what they both understood was their need to connect. Toby kissed Spencer like there may never be another tomorrow. Spencer kissed him back, setting aside all her turmoil. If tomorrow never happened…

To refresh your memory, the finale saw Toby save the others when he was able to tell the difference between Spencer and her evil twin, Alex, which Marlene thought was enough of a conclusion.

“I was very floored by the Spoby fans. It never occurred to any single one of us that those fans would be unhappy with the ending because I feel like there’s this remarkable, wonderful moment between Spencer and Toby where he realizes she is the real Spencer,” she told EW.

It turns out it wasn’t. Unlike couples Ezria, Emison, and Haleb, there wasn’t a ring on Spencer’s finger, which for some fans, wasn’t quite enough confirmation that Spoby were “endgame.”

On more than one occasion, Marlene has tried to convince fans that Spoby did, in fact, live happily ever ever. In August, she shared a post on Instagram with Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen, alongside the caption that reiterated her intentions for Spencer and Toby.

“As the person who created Spoby, it never occurred to me that Spoby fans would not be happy with the finale. That moment when Toby knew in his heart who the real Spencer was… for me it was a huge romantic moment. Worthy of an epic love story. ❤️ ” she wrote.

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However, she did admit that if she could change anything about the series finale, she’d have Spencer and Toby kiss. “I do feel like I would’ve loved to have given Spoby the extra bonus happy ending,” she said. “But you’d have to have another hour for that.”

Give us that hour, Marlene! PLEASE! How about in that PLL revival series, The Perfectionists? After sharing the short story, the website Just Jared Jr. tweeted out that we, the fans, needed more, to which Marlene replied, “Working on it.”

We’re holding her to that! Even a Spoby deleted scene would make us happy…