Pete Davidson Says Ariana Grande’s Song “God Is A Woman” Makes Him Cry Every Time

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Is it just us or is the whole world desperately hanging onto every single tidbit about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson‘s relationship? The duo’s been publicly a couple for less than two months and somehow they’ve quickly escalated themselves to OTP levels. Their most recent aww-worthy couple moment? When the Saturday Night Live comedian answered one of Ariana’s fan’s question about his favorite songs off of her upcoming album, Sweetener – from her Twitter account. Are these two always hanging out?!

After a fan tweeted to Ari saying, “please tell us petes favs,” she decided not to put words in her man’s mouth and let him speak for himself. He said her song – which drops tonight, BTW – “God is a Woman,” is his favorite and it brings him to tears when he hears it. He thinks fans will feel the same but said it in a way only Pete could. Read it for yourself below:

We’re counting down the minutes until “GIAW” drops, but more importantly – we’re basically just wishing our summer away so that August 17 – AKA the day the whole Sweetener album drops – will be here sooner. So far, each and every song she’s given us has been a total BOP. From “The Light is Coming” (featuring Nicki Minaj) and “No Tears Left to Cry.” we can’t get enough. We had a feeling this album would be a bit more somber after her struggles in light of the Manchester bombing last year, but the former Nickelodeon star has made a surprisingly upbeat album that still feels very thoughtful and respectful to the victims of the attack. Ariana told us that “God is a Woman” but it’s becoming pretty obvious that Ari is our God, too.