Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty Show Their Support After Co-Stars Accuse One Tree Hill Creator Of Sexual Harassment

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One Tree Hill stars Sophie Bush, Hilarie Burton, and Bethany Joy Lenz have come forward to accuse creator Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment. After writer Audrey Wauchope opened about her experience, the actresses decided to show their support by speaking out as well.

Audrey took to Twitter over the weekend to detail her experience, which gave way to 15 other women on the show to come forward with their own allegations of sexual misconduct.

“All of the female cast members of One Tree Hill have chosen this forum to stand together in support of Audrey Wauchope and one another,” the actresses wrote in an open letter to Variety. “Mark Schwahn’s behavior over the duration of the filming of One Tree Hill was something of an ‘open secret.’ Many of us were, to varying degrees, manipulated psychologically and emotionally. More than one of us is still in treatment for post-traumatic stress.”

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The ladies went on to say that not only were they put in uncomfortable positions, but supervisors did nothing to protect them. They also revealed that coming forward was not an option for them because doing so might could have put their careers at risk.

“Many of us were told, during filming, that coming forward to talk about this culture would result in our show being canceled and hundreds of lovely, qualified, hard-working, and talented people losing their jobs,” they revealed. “This is not an appropriate amount of pressure to put on young girls.”

The women ended the letter by writing, “We are all deeply grateful for Audrey’s courage. For one another. And for every male castmate and crew member who has reached out to our group of women to offer their support these last few days.”

Shocking, right? It’s incredibly sad to know that all this was going on behind-the-scenes. However, now that it’s come to light, maybe they can all heal properly. Following the letter’s release, the actresses took to Twitter to let the world know about their experiences.

Meanwhile, the leading men in OTH also showed their support for their co-stars. Both Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty shared lengthy statements on Twitter.

The support didn’t end there, though, since Lee Norris, Austin Nichols, and Stephen Coletti made sure to let their female co-stars know they had their back.

In case you didn’t already love the One Tree Hill cast, you can now add this to the list. It’s beautiful to see them all come together in a time of need.